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RP Training opened its doors for business on 02 November 2005.

The founder of the business, Renata Powell has worked in Professional Development Training for over 15 years and has gathered a vast amount of international and national experience.

She originally comes from South Africa, where she began work as a Professional Development Trainer for Standard Bank South Africa (the largest National Bank). She moved to Aberdeen, Scotland over 10 years ago and has developed her experience and client base through her work with various well-known local consultancies. She has worked both in and out of the Energy Sector and holds an exceptional knowledge of various businesses and industries.

Renata’s greatest aim is to achieve the objectives of her clients. She seeks to know and understand the real needs and feelings behind what drives the desire for training. She then seeks to develop a solution that is guaranteed to work for each individual client.

Renata’s approach is personal, honest and lots of fun – try it and see for yourself.